Vision and Mission

Sampada Group founded and led by Shri Diwakar Sharma has its genesis in formation and successful completion of group housing societies in NCR. Hence, it is quiet natural that the focus of the Group would be to carry on construction by embodying and implementing the principles of participative management.

Because of the fact that the Group intends to run the project with the participation of the home buyers, all of whom are considered members of Sampada Family, the Group prefers addressing them as “members”.

The emphasis would be to maintain transparency to the members and therefore, the participation from them would be encouraged to the extent feasible. In order to ensure participative management in the project, Sampada Group is committed to hold periodical meetings preferably every quarter at site where the progress during this period would be brought to the knowledge of members and their suggestions/opinion would be invited. This innovative concept is the first of its kind in NCR.

Although Sampada Group has land bank where other housing projects can be launched immediately, but total focus presently is on Sampada Livia to ensure that the project becomes self sufficient and significant progress is achieved before even thinking of launching a new project.

Other features of participative management would soon be introduced to involve our members in monitoring the progress of their own home.